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How to Use Our Plagiarism Checker?

Using our plagiarism detector involves three simple steps which are demonstrated as follows:


Get Plagiarism Report

Wait for a moment until our tool scans the content for any traces of plagiarism and generates a detailed report highlighting the following factors:
  • Ratio of plagiarized content
  • Total uniqueness score
  • Detail of duplicate sentences
  • List of citation sources
You can easily download the plagiarism report to share with anyone as required.

Enter Your Content

Copy and Paste your content of up to 500 words in the given space. You can also upload files of any format using the upload button.


Run Our Tool

Once the content is uploaded or pasted click on the“check plagiarism” button. This starts the process of report generation.
You can copy or download the report just as you need.

Our Plagiarism Checker

Our plagiarism checker is an online tool designed using advanced Al technology. It deeply analyzes your content and checks its similarity to content existing on all web resources.

Indeed, checking plagiarism on your own is nearly impossible. This is why our plagiarism checker saves you from all the fatigue of manual work — it automatically scans your writings for plagiarism, checking whether it is copied or original.

It takes only a couple of clicks to detect the presence of any duplication in your content and generates a detailed plagiarism report right away. It highlights the uniqueness score and measures plagiarism percentage to help you determine your content quality. In addition, it tracks the sources with which your content matches in case of plagiarism.

Whether you write or manage content, our originality checker has got your back. No matter if you are a teacher, student, content creator, or blogger, you can always rely on our plagiarism checker to make sure that your content is unique.

You can scan 500 words in one search to check for plagiarism with our tool. It is free to use and offers every feature that you need to detect plagiarism without errors or delays.

How does Our Text Summarizer Work?

Our free plagiarism checker is your go-to solution for detecting plagiarism in a flash. It checks your content for any intentional or unintentional usage of copied sentences, making it easier for you to take out plagiarism by all means.

Check it out yourself to find out how intuitive our plagiarism checker is. The way it works to detect plagiarism in content is exceptional as it generates the plagiarism report within a few seconds. It never skips any sentence or phrase while scanning for duplication and make sure to enlist all the original sources with which the copied content matches. It lets you download the plagiarism report of your content and share with your clients or teachers to prove that your content is original.

There are many other factors that you should consider in order to understand what makes our plagiarism checker best for you.

Let's take a closer look at some of the remarkable features our plagiarism checker that demonstrates why you should choose it:

Delivers Improved Functionality

As our tool is quite user-friendly, you only have to copy-paste your content and run it. You’ll see it would take barely a few seconds to generate the plagiarism report. Moreover, you can get free access to our tool without the hassle of purchasing it.

Ensures Absolute Privacy

To protect your privacy is our foremost duty. We provide 100% security to your uploaded data. Our systems make sure that every bit of this data is erased from our database once the report is generated and downloaded. Upload your content with confidence as its security is guaranteed.

Processes Multiple Languages

Content in multiple languages can be checked for plagiarism with our tool. Upload the text written in any language and it will analyze it for the presence of plagiarism. Our originality checker can easily understand your target language so feel free to use it for multilingual content.

Offers Multi-Format Support

Our plagiarism checker tool supports various file formats. Any type of file including docs.docx.pdf,text can be uploaded and reviewed for plagiarism detection. Not only this, any old file, or files from the cloud can also be uploaded for detection of plagiarism.

Who Can Leverage Our Plagiarism Checker?

People from all professions can seek advantage from this tool to ensure the quality and originality of their content. Indeed, our plagiarism detector works effectively to make sure that none of the work is copied and that only high-quality content is produced, published, and distributed.

No limits apply to who can use our plagiarism checker and how. If you are someone who writes regularly, then our plagiarism checker should be added to your must-have tools. This is the best tool so far that can save your content from rejection and de-ranking.

Let’s get to the details of the people who can benefit from our advanced plagiarism checker tool:

Webmasters & Bloggers

Bloggers and webmasters constantly need to produce original content to rank higher on the result pages. It is the unique posts that catch the attention of the readers and boosts the growth of a website. This is why they can use our plagiarism checker to check their content for duplication before publishing it on the web.


Freelance Content Writers

It’s important for content writers to check whether their content is free from plagiarism to ensure their credibility. Usage of plagiarized content can seriously destroy the reputation of the writers and that’s why our tool comes in handy to save them from trouble. Just a couple of clicks and our tool highlights if the content is unique or copied.

Students & Teachers

Plagiarism is considered a major felony in academic disciplines and has serious consequences for students. This is why all students who keep wondering “how to check my paper for plagiarism” can use our tool. For their ease, our tool will find original source links to add citations as well. Likewise, our tool is a lifesaver for all teachers as it’s merely impossible to manually check hundreds of assignments for plagiarism.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Check Plagiarism?

Plagiarism checking is important in order to avoid copyright infringement. Every piece of content that you write for academic, professional, or marketing purposes must be original. There shouldn’t be any duplicate sentences or passages in it. This is why you need to check whether your content is unique or not before submitting and publishing it.

How Does Our Tool Check Plagiarism?

Using “deep search” technology, our plagiarism checker scans and compares the given content with other pieces of content which are published on the web. It scans each sentence and paragraph (one by one) to detect duplication. If it finds any plagiarism, it highlights the duplicate parts along with the plagiarism percentage.

What is Plagiarism Report?

Plagiarism report includes in-depth stats about the uniqueness and plagiarism status of any piece of writing. For instance, you scan your content through our plagiarism checker. It will check your content for plagiarism and provide you with a plagiarism report which will include the plagiarism percentage, uniqueness score, citation sources, and red highlights to show duplicate sentences.

How to Download Plagiarism Report?

Scan your content using our plagiarism checker and it will provide you with an in-depth plagiarism report right away. You can simply click on the “download” button to save the plagiarism report and share it with anyone as required.

Can You Get Citation Sources?

Yes. Just enter the content in our plagiarism checker and it will provide you with the sources with which it matches. You can use the original source links to include citations in your assignments as required.

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