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How to use summary maker?

STEP 1 - Copy-paste the text or upload the content file directly from your computer.

STEP 2 - Click on “Summarize” to run our summarizing tool and shorten the given text.

STEP 3 - Wait for a moment while our tool generates and displays the summary of your text.

Our Summarizing Tool

The online text summarizer makes it possible to create a brief, clearer version of a text without any contextual and grammatical errors. It can shorten any type of content and create its summary instantly. Most importantly, it is accessible, accurate, and efficient enough to help you summarize more effectively.

🎯 Result Accessible, Accurate, and Efficient
📋 Best for Articles, Documents, Essays ans News
📕 Modes Summary, Key Points, AI Summary(Near Human)
💲 Free Free Unlimited Access

Error-free Results

Carefully understands the context to draw out all the key points from the provided content and present them briefly.


AI-based Summarizing

Makes use of high-performance AI algorithms to generate summary of the given content in a matter of seconds.


Free Unlimited Access

Allows the users to shorten and summarize all types of content without any usage limit or premium subscription fee.


Quick User Guide

Provides access to useful information and guidelines to facilitate the users in drawing up effective summaries.

How does Our Text Summarizer Work? is an online tool that uses complex AI algorithms to make a long, detailed text shorter and easier to understand. It extracts the main points from a text and summarizes them effectively. The content it displays after summarizing, contains a complete overview of the original text. For instance, you enter 2000 words in our summary generator. It will eliminate nearly ¾ of the given text and provide you with its 200-word summary right away.

Why Use Our summary tool?

It comes as no surprise that summarizing is an important writing technique as it enables us to create a brief overview of long-form content. Interestingly, summarizing becomes more effective and easier when we do it with the help of AI. You just need to enter your content in our summarizing tool and we will do all the work for you. Just a few seconds and our AI summarizer will provide you with an error-free summary of your content. No hassle, no writing errors.


Intuitive Features

Automatically understands the context and accordingly condenses the content to the shortest length possible.


One-click Results

Takes no time to create a short summary of the given content and then display the results on the user’s screen.


Quick Downloading

Facilitates the users to either copy, save, or download the summarized content with only a couple of clicks.

What is the Scope of Summary Generator?

The online summarizing tool has a vast scope owing to the benefits of summarizing in different fields of education and work. Any person who writes including students, teachers, content creators, and digital marketers can make use of our text summarizer to compose brief overviews faster and better.


Blog writers can benefit from the online summarizing tool when it comes to writing concise conclusion of the blog posts. They can simply upload the blog article in the tool and in return get a short, error-free passage to use a summary. It can also help the bloggers to condense long-form content into a brief paragraph.


Students can take advantage of online text summarizer for educational purposes such as to write concise content for research papers, presentations, and notes. Most importantly, summarizing tool can help them to summarize their lesson plans and write error-free conclusion for their academic assignments.


Teachers can leverage online summarizing tool to prepare concise material for routine lectures. It can be a summary of a lesson, poem, or essay which they create using the text summarizer. For sure, the brief summaries helps the students to get an overview of the course material in the most effective manner.


Digital marketers can get the most out of online summarizing tools as they often need to write short descriptions to highlight content intent. For instance, there’s a online store which they are required to promote across the social media. They can simply choose a product, run its content through the summarizer, and use the summarized content to post on the social media as the description of the product link.

What is Difference Between Paraphrasing and Summarizing?

Although paraphrasing and summarizing both are writing techniques, their differences are quite significant. Where paraphrasing enables us to restate a text in “different” wording while retaining the original meaning and content length, there summarizing let us shorten the content length to briefly describe the main idea of a text.

Paraphrasing Summary
  • The choice of words is changed
  • There’s no impact on content length
  • Used to attain uniqueness and clarity
  • Best for rewriting any type of content in distinct wording
  • Substitute the words or restructure sentences to rewrite uniquely
  • The diction remains the same
  • The content length is shortened
  • Used to briefly describe a topic
  • Best for writing conclusions & short descriptions
  • Extract key points and present them in a concise manner

Browser Extensions

This browser extensions to summarize any webpage in a click.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is text summarizer?

Text summarizer is an online tool that facilitates us in creating error-free summaries in only a few seconds. If you use our summary generator then all you would need to do is “enter” or “upload” your content and hit the summarize button. Based on advanced Al algorithms, the online text summarizer will take no time to accurately summarize it.

How summarize tool works?

Our text summarizer is based on “advanced AI algorithms” which enables it to understand the context of the given and then extract key points from it accordingly. It carefully present the key points in a short descriptive manner that neither compromises quality nor changes the inherent meaning. It takes only a few seconds to generate the summary of the given content as required.

Why we need summary maker to create summary?

Summarizing is a useful writing technique and there can be many uses of a summary such as it can be used to conclude a blog article or academic essay. Moreover, it can serve as a short description to briefly highlight the content intent. Furthermore, it can be used to boost the creativity of students and encourage them improve their comprehension skills.

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