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How to Paraphrase Content With Our Tool?

Follow these steps to paraphrase your content with our intuitive AI rewriter:


Choose Paraphrasing Mode

Make sure to choose the right paraphrasing mode from the following options:
  • Regular
  • Formal
  • Creative
Your content quality will be improved in accordance with the paraphrasing mode you choose. This is why you need to choose the mode that is suited to your content’s writing style.

Upload Your Content

You can directly paste or upload content from the connect system depending upon your ease. Please ensure that the word limit doesn’t exceed 500 words.


Get Paraphrased Content

Click on “paraphrase” to get a paraphrased version of your content. With the help of advanced AI algorithms, our rewording tool will restate your content in a way that makes it absolutely unique and improved.
You can copy or download the paraphrased content just as you need.

Paraphrasing Tool

Say bye to your writer’s block and make use of our free online paraphrasing tool right away.

Restate any type of content with the help of our advanced paraphrasing tool that never compromises on quality. No matter if your content is for academic or marketing purposes, our tool will quickly understand the intent and rewrite it just as required.

It makes use of powerful AI algorithms to make sure that your content is unique, readable, and creative enough to go. It carefully comprehends the context and restructures the content in a way that improves the wording and removes plagiarism.

For your ease, it provides you with access to three different paraphrasing modes which ultimately enhance the rewriting process. You can easily specify whether you need to paraphrase your content in a regular, formal, or creative manner. Just a couple of clicks and our tool will rewrite your content just the way you want.

There’s no need to get a premium plan as we offer you to leverage our rewording tool for free of cost.

How to Avoid Paraphrasing Plagiarism?

Even if you paraphrase with a powerful AI tool, there will always be a risk of plagiarism. If you paraphrase an article or even a whole section of an article as it is then it will result in “paraphrasing plagiarism”. This way, only the choice of words and sentence structures will be changed whereas the writing pattern and the text flow will remain the same. Any experienced writer can detect paraphrasing plagiarism just by closely reading the paraphrased content.

You must paraphrase in a strategic way in order to avoid paraphrasing plagiarism. All you are required to do is:

  • Collect information from more than 10 relevant resources
  • Compile information for each section from different articles
  • Substitute all the unappealing or difficult words and phrases
  • Reword a sentence in a way that makes it more engaging
  • Change the voice or subject matter to restructure sentences
  • Reorganize each piece of information in a distinctive manner

Just follow effective paraphrasing strategies and make sure that your paraphrased content doesn’t look similar to any other source. Everything including the choice of words, sentence structures, paragraphing format, and the overall text layout should stand out.
You can make use of our powerful AI reworder tool in order to avoid paraphrasing plagiarism with ease.


Who Can Benefit From Our Paraphrasing Tool?

Every person who wants to write faster and better can make use of our paraphrasing tool. No matter for what purpose they write, our paraphrasing tool will facilitate them to write unique content in a shorter time period. From academic assignments to marketing copies and blog articles, our paraphrasing tool can be used to rewrite any type of content. There’s no limit on who can use our paraphrasing and why.


Student can use our paraphrasing tool to make their academic assignments free from plagiarism


Writers can make use of our paraphrasing tool to write plagiarism-free content with improved quality


Authors can take advantage of our paraphrasing tool to perfect their diction and tone with ease


Marketers can leverage our paraphrasing tool to craft unique and catchy statements that stand out

Why Use Our Paraphrasing Tool?

There’s a broad range of features that makes our paraphrasing tool worth using. Indeed, our paraphrasing tool offers everything that’s required to achieve uniqueness, clarity, and creativity in writing. Thanks to advanced AI algorithms, our tool paraphrases the content without sacrificing quality. Neither it changes the inherent meaning nor it leaves out important details. It primarily focuses on restating the content in a way that makes it free from plagiarism and potential writing errors.

AI-based Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing becomes easier when you have our AI-powered tool to leverage. Its edge-cutting algorithms make sure to rewrite your content with high-level accuracy, leaving no place for errors. It not only just reword a sentence, in fact every sentence is restructured in a way that neither the context is changed nor any necessary information is left out. In fact, our tool focuses on improving the content quality so that it can become more engaging.

Multiple Paraphrasing Modes

There are three different paraphrasing modes available that help you to perfect your diction and tone by all means. You can choose between formal, regular, and creative modes to ensure that your content quality is improved exactly as you want. The language choices are modified in accordance with the paraphrasing mode you select.

Free Unlimited Access

No matter how many times you need to paraphrase, our reworder tool will let you do it without any charges or limitations. There’s no need to spend hundreds of bucks when you can use our paraphrasing tool for free. All the intuitive features of our paraphrasing tool can be accessed and used without buying any premium subscription.

Is AI Paraphrasing Better Than Manual Paraphrasing?

It is important to note that when we paraphrase with the help of highly functional AI tool then there’s less chance for errors. If the AI is well taught then it can paraphrase without making any contextual, information, or other writing errors. It can rewrite your content faster and better than any human.

Still, there are some writers who prefer to paraphrase on their own. The reason is that not every other tool is based on edge-cutting AI algorithms.
Well, there’s no doubt that AI paraphrasing is more effective in terms of accuracy and efficiency. It can paraphrase thousands of words within a few seconds. Anyhow, if you want to paraphrase manually then you must follow a strategic plan or else, there will be loads of unwanted errors.

It would be better if you closely analyze the way AI paraphrasers work to rewrite the given content. The more you analyze, the better you will learn to paraphrase on your own. Just make sure to focus on how AI substitutes the words or changes the syntactic structures.

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